Amy Bloom: “All intimacy is rare — that’s what makes it precious. And it involves the revelation of one’s self and the loving gaze upon another’s true self (no makeup, no fancy car, no defensive charm, no seduction) — that’s what makes it so damn hard. Intimacy requires honesty and kindness in almost equal measure (a little more kindness, I think), trust and trustworthiness, forgiveness and the capacity to be forgiven . . . It’s more than worth it .”

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  1. tsizzles says:

    Great post! What inspired you to put this together?


  2. susannz says:

    I have always been attracted to portraying others in an honest way, and have wanted to go even deeper…we all have moments that is intimate and would never normally be shared with others…these are the special moments.


  3. Bernardete says:

    this website is the finest world wide web site.


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