ever experienced the benefits and pleasures of sunlight, air and water on your whole body – in the wide expanse of nature?

My latest school assignment is finally taking shape.

I have been looking into the world of naturism, and trying to capture how ordinary it can be, and how easy it is to continue with life’s daily chores and be clothes free.
These people are not strange or freakish, they are just ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, confirming that naturism is more of an attitude or a life perspective as much as it is about actually being nude.

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    Photographer exploring ordinary naturist life


  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Yes nudity is a lifestyle choice. One the wife and I enjoy very much. We also enjoy nude photography. We have taken a lot of nude pics out in nature, it’s very satisfying to try and make them artistic and sometimes even a little erotic. We have done a few in some very public places and have found that to be a little thrilling but the results where very satisfying as well.


    • susannz says:

      thanks for your comment, for this assignment I’m trying to educate others that being nude is t be viewed as normal & not erotic…


      • sassycoupleok says:

        Yes we understand your point fully. We belong to a nudist resort and love our many nudist non sexual friends there. We are als fortunate enough to run our business from a home office an as such we are nude about 90% of the time. So I think you can easily say that we find nudity very normal as part of our everyday. I guess that being said everyone like everything else in this world can interpret normal in many different ways. So if the other aspects of our nude life make us non-normal I guess so be it. I was not trying to detract from your post but just advising of several aspect of nudity that many enjoy. I thought your work was excellant. We actually everychance we get try inform people that we meet as to the value of the lifestyle.


      • susannz says:

        Thanks for your comment, and I envy your ability to be able to spend your work days naked too!


  3. NudistStop says:

    Excellent observation – well said.


  4. Nicky says:

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    Have I ever had the pleasure of sunlight, Air and water on my body, Heck ya i have and it felt very good as well. It felt being young again and felt like I was me again.


  5. Tim says:

    I was just thinking about this. One of my thoughts is that like so much once you capture a moment it changes. It’s the idea that any thing that one dose in “normal” life becomes skewed when documented. I love to do housework nude, but on film it would just be silly and not at all what I am about in the moment. So even though I know what is in my heart and on my mind someone viewing a picture might not and the interpurtation would be thers, not mine.
    Good luck with your project, I hope you can bridge the gap between life and art. May your Art be reality and your reality Art.


    • susannz says:

      You have articulated my conundrum perfectly. My theory papers this semester are about this very issue. As soon as a documentary photographer clicks the shutter, the moment has now gone, and the subject has no further input into how that image is read, displayed and interpreted, the photographer now has taken all the power, so what is a true documentary photo? Roland Barthes struggled with this and wrote many an essay!


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