Unitec BDVA – Class of 2013

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts, Functions, Inspiration, Life, People
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Unitec BDVA - Class of 2013

A major milestone in my life completed and I am feeling so proud to be standing tall with my classmates!
For me, this journey began 5 years ago when my employer made me redundant, and after a lot of soul searching and self evaluation I decided I wanted to study. Then came the ultimate question…what should I study? Photography is a subject that inspires and intrigues me, so I felt naturally gravitated towards this creative industry.
So, on Tuesday I was officially capped and the certificate is been framed as I write this.

I now hold a Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts – Photography and Media Arts degree!

  1. crea2010 says:

    So glad you decided to study photography! A major milestone indeed, congratulations!


  2. Amanda says:

    Congratulations!! What a fantastic achievement!!!


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