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So here they are in all their glory, the chosen pieces for my final presentation. I am very happy with this grouping and how well they support each other.

The frames were chosen for their simplicity and size. With matte boards being a little oversize for the images the viewer is drawn in, inviting them to share this intimate moment with the subject. Along with a feeling of a little mystery,  each image allows the viewer to make up their own story for each one, based on their own past experiences.

Nudes have always moved me.

Move Me has been an interesting assignment. It has made think about what is important to me, what do I want my photography to say and then, what is the best way to portray it.

Then, of course, it needs to strike cords with others! Big questions!! Big challenges!!

So what was the best way to start?…at the beginning of course!

Firstly, what is important to me?  Well, since beginning my studies two years ago I have started looking at the world around me  from a different perspective, and questioning many things that before went unnoticed. I found out that I like taking photographs of people, and to start with that meant I was out on the street, taking photos of strangers, even following people to get multiple images of the some individuals in different moods and environments.

I find the human being such an interesting subject and the way it is viewed is often not to our mutual benefit. High on this list is the media’s portrayal of women, of what is beautiful, or should I say what is perceived to be beautiful and in tandem to this I am noticing changes within my own body, signs that the passage of time is catching up with me and I am not what I used to be.

Last year I did some lingerie fashion shoots, and of course, the model was young, long legged and gorgeous. My reaction to this was to go out and shoot an older woman, to find true depictions of a mature body…and to me, the resulting photos are just beautiful.

These images tie in with the next question of what do I want my works to say…….Very simply, true depictions of the world around us and the people within it honestly and openly.

I have been playing with colour, and observing the depth of feeling that can be achieved with the differing hues. My resulting images are in three different hues, and the models body language is quiet,  passive, almost giving an impression of aloneness…whether by choice or not is for the viewer to decide.

So I have made the big decision of which images to present for this assignment. The big reveal will be once they are framed and hung.

So finally made a decision as to which images to print and have framed for the final submission of the MoveMe assignment….

All was good, not to many in the printing room, so not long to wait. Just sat and admired other students work…my gosh there are some talented people out there!!

So, finally my turn. First test prints were not so good…having problems with light levels matching what I am seeing on the screen, and not being a photoshop whizz I struggle with this sort of curve ball, especially when others are waiting behind me (no pressure!). Made a few adjustments and had another go. This time better but now the colour palette has changed slightly!  I have lost some depth of colour in the finished prints, but overall I am now satisfied. When placed together they are balanced and I love the emotional feel coming from the subjects within the images. They move me 🙂

So it’s off to the framers they go!!   

Came across this quote whilst watching a live broadcast for CreativeLive, an online photography classroom…..and it is so true.

Some people have a knack for expressing themselves verbally, and some of us need to do it visually.

Just some simple lines, a curve here and there, a silhouette and a shadow or two…..just beautiful

Came across these images via another site…and wow, they are glorious…wish I had seen these earlier..they certainly moved me!


Time out, time alone, time to breathe slowly and be with yourself…this is what I want my images to say

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Contemplation and inner reflection for many of us in this fast paced world are foreign concepts –from the past or maybe states of mind for monks.

These past two years have been very active for me and in retrospect I have been looking at the  inner lifestyle supports that I have turned to that have helped  me to create and live so many  of my dreams as I have been designing and co-creating The Essential Feminine Company. (

During the past two years  I have had to find ways to stay grounded and open to innovation, peace and the quality of good living that I so value. After two very fast paced years I must now in retrospect acknowledge that my time spent in the quiet mornings in contemplation, meditation and inner reflection have not only been my life savers for creating inner peace but my well spring…

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