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Finally took my library books back today….and paid my fines 🙂


The theory just keeps coming!



Initially I did provide a copy of my powerpoint presentation, showing examples of Diane’s amazing work, but due to copyright laws have been asked to remove all images.

Sorry world, I would love to have shared them with you, as Diane Abus was a truly inspirational photographer, a photographer that gave so much of herself it hurt.

2011 provided some interesting challenges and first up was a theory paper – Identity Report
I enjoyed completing the task – a copy is attached if anybody wants to have a read. Sorry about the format, unfortunately I seem to find a soft copy of the completed work, so have scanned in a copy.

Identity Report pg 1
Identity Report pg 2
Identity Report pg 3
Identity Report pg 4

I also have not been able to locate the soft copy of my final essay ” Mnenosyne” either, but do have a couple of images of the finished sculpture that is the visual representation of my essay.