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Finally took my library books back today….and paid my fines 🙂


Just some simple lines, a curve here and there, a silhouette and a shadow or two…..just beautiful

Came across these images via another site…and wow, they are glorious…wish I had seen these earlier..they certainly moved me!


Time out, time alone, time to breathe slowly and be with yourself…this is what I want my images to say

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Contemplation and inner reflection for many of us in this fast paced world are foreign concepts –from the past or maybe states of mind for monks.

These past two years have been very active for me and in retrospect I have been looking at the  inner lifestyle supports that I have turned to that have helped  me to create and live so many  of my dreams as I have been designing and co-creating The Essential Feminine Company. (

During the past two years  I have had to find ways to stay grounded and open to innovation, peace and the quality of good living that I so value. After two very fast paced years I must now in retrospect acknowledge that my time spent in the quiet mornings in contemplation, meditation and inner reflection have not only been my life savers for creating inner peace but my well spring…

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Brave… as I am going to post the link to a photographers site that I do appear in as a model, but he is such an amazing photographer, whose experimentation, especially with the fine art nude, has inspired the direction of my own work.

I first meet Binh Trinh while taking part in his mass nude shoot in Auckland, and then decided I needed to experience the full involvement required of being a model, to fully understand how it feels to be on the other side of the lens.

And I need to share his images with you as I feel my own current project aligns with his, which is an honest portrayal of the human form, without the manipulation of the modern day tools we now have at our disposal. I too strive for images that are often tender and yet very evocative, and being honest without being overtly sexual or debasing to the model.