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Over the weekend of 20/21 Feb the Auckland Begonia Circle hosted their annual festival, displaying hundreds of beautiful blooms and plants. This enthusiastic group of amateur gardeners proudly displayed their blooms and shared their knowledge with the many visitors that visited and viewed the show. This annual event always ends with an auction, selling off many plants at bargain prices!

Unitec BDVA - Class of 2013

A major milestone in my life completed and I am feeling so proud to be standing tall with my classmates!
For me, this journey began 5 years ago when my employer made me redundant, and after a lot of soul searching and self evaluation I decided I wanted to study. Then came the ultimate question…what should I study? Photography is a subject that inspires and intrigues me, so I felt naturally gravitated towards this creative industry.
So, on Tuesday I was officially capped and the certificate is been framed as I write this.

I now hold a Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts – Photography and Media Arts degree!



Just been having a look through some past events, and found this one. Every year we go to Martinborough for their wine and food festival. This is a great example of Photo Booth imagery…the participants can really play up and it makes such fun photos.

The Color Run Fame Frame – AKL Part I – Photos – ZM Online – Today’s Hit Music, Competitions, Podcasts and Concerts.


Christmas is coming!

Young Guns was an event I had the pleasure of recording. The event was a Kick Boxing Tournament, organised by Matariki Martial Arts, and showcased the skills and stamina evident in so many of our young people today. There were many bouts and these are just a few of my photos from the day.

A good friend of mine stepped back into the boxing ring recently.
All his hard training paid off with a unanimous points decision in his favour.
So proud to be able to watch and record it for him.