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A Snowwhite Gallery exhibition: Unitec has been very fortunate to have this showing in our own gallery. It is a beautiful exhibition that shows the diverse photographic expression that has emerged from Japan since 1970. 

We were lucky enough to have Marcus Williams give an overview of the show to help us understand the context and content of the exhibition. It is being shown in two sections: 

1: A changing society – focus’s on human beings as members of society


2: Changing landscapes – cities, suburbs and nature

Norio Kobayashi is quoted as saying ” Everything in Japan is becoming uniform….keep confronting images.!”

Nobuyoshi Araki was quoted as been asked “Why are you taking pictures when there is nothing special happening?”

Both of these quotes give depth to this exhibition – Japan is in a state of flux – they appear to be conforming with the rest of the world and as a result seem to be becoming bland and unassuming – however, this is not really the case. You only need to look at their everyday lives and happenings to realise that they are unique, and what can look mundane is actually very interesting and gives meaning to being ‘Japanese’.

Art and Crafts lecture

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Understanding Du Champ

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Context Example

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In an interview Chuck Close once said, “From the beginning (what I) wanted to do was mitigate against the standard hierarchy of the portrait” .

Simply put, he wanted take the focus away from the subject of the portrait and the subject to be no more important than the process by which the painting itself was completed. He wanted all parts to be equal.

Example of context

Source: Navigating the Self
Siri Engberg & Madeleine Grynsztejn
July 2005 Walker Art Center