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Over the weekend of 20/21 Feb the Auckland Begonia Circle hosted their annual festival, displaying hundreds of beautiful blooms and plants. This enthusiastic group of amateur gardeners proudly displayed their blooms and shared their knowledge with the many visitors that visited and viewed the show. This annual event always ends with an auction, selling off many plants at bargain prices!


The season is slowly changing and I’m busy contemplating future projects,

i appear to be standing still but I’m dreaming of flying high…

looking forward


The new garden ornament

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Animals, Life, Nature
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I just spent 10 minutes looking for Lenny…


Found him sitting in the garden…

It’s a cats life

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Animals, Life, Nature
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Find a sunny spot (the dining room table) & sleep!!

Meet Lenny, a boy that is really very smart, even though he tries so hard to portray an aura of simplicity. Yes, his is a cats life!


I recently walked the Harbour View Sculpture Trail and saw a diverse and interesting array of sculptures. This one was my favourite. It’s called Line Dancing and is accompanied with a quietly playing babbling water and wind singing through the lines…just magic.



Once again we were in Tairua, but this time for Valentines…our view was spectacular and the moon added to the romance…

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Gone but never forgotten…


Yesterday I visited my Mum & Dad, and together with my sister we refreshed the flowers and spent some time reminiscing on times gone by…