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Waiheke Museum, life as it was….but has anything really changed?

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I’ve been looking through my archived photos and found this beauty¬†from when we purchased our property on Waiheke.

This shows¬†the original bach that we fell in love with…no running water, an outhouse with a “bucket and chuck it” for a loo, and rotting weatherboards!

So we began the huge task of renovating, which, as my Mum said, grew like topsy and really became a full rebuild.

We did manage to keep the original floorboards and 3 x internal walls…but the rest had to go.



Last year i did a little experimenting with long night exposures. I particularly like the way the words have been highlighted by the nearby street light, giving me pause to think & reflect on how calming this scene actually is.

So now winter feels that it has finally arrived…and doesn’t the thought of an open fire warming your toes, and maybe roasting some marshmallows sound appealing?

This is the view from my window on Waiheke Island, a spot that has become my favourite retreat when I feel I need to escape from the pressures of life.