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An excerpt from my Gradshow presentation:


Body of Work-Part 2

Sue Wiggins

Nothing is more hateful to me than photography sugarcoated
with gimmicks, poses and false effects. Therefore, let me speak
the truth in all honesty about our age and the people of our age.

                                                            August Sander 1927

Body of Work is a series of nudes unaltered by digital postproduction processes.  As a comment on the body shame and anxiety that has developed as a result of the Western world’s engineered photograph, I have returned to the mechanics of photographic film, shot on a large format camera. My act of taking a photograph has slowed down enabling a rapport to develop between the subject and photographer and allowing subtle influences to come through and be genuinely thought provoking. This portrait series is a study in black and white, with a theme and documentary style which references the photographic work of August Sander. The subjects wait quietly, their poses unaffected with a self-possession that radiates in their bearing and expressions.

 The images in Polaroids Untouched were part of an exploration into image making with processes that removes the opportunity for post-production manipulation. Still working with the large format camera, these images were taken on expired Polaroid 5×4 film. They are self-portraits and portray the results of incorrect processing due to the aged film; the imagery, like the film, is not perfect but is still beautiful in their own right. They are displayed in light-boxes, enabling the viewer to look upon them as ‘positive negatives’ in their unmanipulated state.

 These images speak from the very essence of my project.


Class of 2013

Class of 2013

Make Good Art! This is such an inspiring speech, and so apt for someone about the graduate and make their way in the world of art making. It is 20 minutes long but will worth the time.

Brian Cooney's photography blog.

Thanks to Alan Frost for bringing this to my attention.  Here is a 20 min video of Neil Gaiman, the writer who created the graphic novel The Sandman, sharing his own compelling, inspiring story.

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The collaborative exhibition  Connection  will open on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 from 6-9pm  in the Ironbank, 150 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

I am showing along with five other photographic artists: Ruth Ames, Bertie Plaatsman, Sheryl Campbell, Delena Nathuran, Sonya Roussina, and we will show a range of individual works, including large and medium format film, mixed media, video, and fine art print.

This exhibition is also part of the Auckland Photography Festival Circuit night, where 11 other galleries are also open, with vans  available to drive people to each of the galleries.

So come along, join us for a glass of wine and view some amazing new works!

Exhibition posterbizdojo ph

Last year i did a little experimenting with long night exposures. I particularly like the way the words have been highlighted by the nearby street light, giving me pause to think & reflect on how calming this scene actually is.

This powerpoint was sent to me in an email….but I wanted to share it with as many as I could. The images are just beautiful, and very emotive as well.
The world is messing with the animals environment and we risk losing them forever.

Came across this quote whilst watching a live broadcast for CreativeLive, an online photography classroom…..and it is so true.

Some people have a knack for expressing themselves verbally, and some of us need to do it visually.

 Taken on Mamiya RZ67 with digital back Hasselblad Ixpress96

Now to print it out on an Epson 9900 & make it look more fabulous!

It’s amazing how the temperature can drop so much over night! But on the upside are the moody images that can be taken under the gloomy skies.

So here we are in 2012, Year 2 of the BDVA and finally documenting the reason why I got back into blogging!

I have a new assignment that requires me to ‘research, plan and execute a body of work’ and record my process along the way.

No small task but I hope you will take the journey with me, right from its conception through to the completed works.

This photo was found on the web and credited to Jorge Barreto. Unfortunately I have no further information about the image or the artist, but I do love the way the eye looks back at me, catching me looking at it, marveling at all the complexity that has gone into it’s making.

My interest is in the human body, and the way we view it has always fascinated me….maybe this is something I need to expand upon.
Maybe this is what this project will be about 🙂