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Over the weekend of 20/21 Feb the Auckland Begonia Circle hosted their annual festival, displaying hundreds of beautiful blooms and plants. This enthusiastic group of amateur gardeners proudly displayed their blooms and shared their knowledge with the many visitors that visited and viewed the show. This annual event always ends with an auction, selling off many plants at bargain prices!

Look what my little granddaughter made her Mummy & Daddy at her BusyBees Kindergarten!


Merry Christmas everyone!!

The Color Run Fame Frame – AKL Part I – Photos – ZM Online – Today’s Hit Music, Competitions, Podcasts and Concerts.


With Christmas lighting up the building, it looks a little like fairyland.


Now he is introducing his mate...

I now have two kingfishers out my window, squawking all day long. I think they are nesting nearby and this tree is their favourite perch. So lovely…but so noisy!

This little guy has spent the last week outside my study window, squawking & tapping on my window…think he wants to be friends 🙂



He’s certainly a great diversion from writing my assignments!

On Friday we went to ‘see art in a whole new light’ at Western park in Ponsonby. Wow!!

Every year the park gets lit up by artists and other creatives – truly impressive.

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