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first dip into water to snorkel the Agincourt Reef (part of Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

The cassowary is a very large flightless bird, and known to be very bad tempered (with that look in his eye, I wouldn’t want to get in his way!). They are a native of New Guinea and Northern Australia, and is a relative of the ostrich and emu.

Last year i did a little experimenting with long night exposures. I particularly like the way the words have been highlighted by the nearby street light, giving me pause to think & reflect on how calming this scene actually is.

While looking through past assignments I came across this one…an abstract view of life

So here they are in all their glory, the chosen pieces for my final presentation. I am very happy with this grouping and how well they support each other.

The frames were chosen for their simplicity and size. With matte boards being a little oversize for the images the viewer is drawn in, inviting them to share this intimate moment with the subject. Along with a feeling of a little mystery,  each image allows the viewer to make up their own story for each one, based on their own past experiences.

Nudes have always moved me.