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Time certainly flys by when you hunker down for the winter months…but the building across the street is certainly progressing


_MG_9222Only a month ago in Howe Street there was a building across the street. Then the demolition workers moved in, and now all that is left is some rubble, big noisy machines, dust and dirt….so this is progress….

I have been quiet for quite a while…no excuses…just busy with life, school and family.
But for a recent class assignment I made a timelapse video of a crane construction, which I thought I would share.
This is the first time I have done something like this, so it has been a massive learning curve. Must say I am pleased with the result, although I have noted a few things I would do differently if I have the chance to do this sort of thing again 🙂

While looking through past assignments I came across this one…an abstract view of life