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Young Guns was an event I had the pleasure of recording. The event was a Kick Boxing Tournament, organised by Matariki Martial Arts, and showcased the skills and stamina evident in so many of our young people today. There were many bouts and these are just a few of my photos from the day.

So the school work is all finished for the Midyear break, and we went a way for a short break to Matapouri and stayed in an amazing Coastal Holiday Home…the views and walks were amazing.

I was delighted to see that RDA had used my images in their article for the newspaper!


Saturday was a fun day day at Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, at the Paddle for Hope’s fundraiser day.

Took a few photos..think they show the fun everyone had on the stand up paddle boards 🙂

I know it’s been awhile since I have visited my blog…no excuses…just been really busy!
Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending a good friends first boxing match. I have never witnessed an event like this before, so it was a first in so many ways. Although my friend lost in a points decision, he gave 100% of himself, and I’m pleased I was able to capture some of the moments for him.

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True fans stick through the bad times along with the good, and they were rewarded on the weekend with their team finishing the season with a well deserved win!! I have been lucky enough to attend some of their past games and take photos of the younger fans.

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