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This has been an interesting week, challenged to find and publicly post photos on Facebook of my husband and I. This experience has caused me to step back from life, and have a look at times passed by. Ray & I married in 1974, which in the grand scheme of things is not that long ago, but for two people sharing a life together, it is the majority of our lives. We have been together for many more years then we have been apart, and with a relationship that has had all the ups and downs that comes to all relationships, I am proud to say we are still enjoy been together all these years later.

We have so many photos! Photos that record our days before we married, the birth of our children, homes, holidays, work experiences, all the good times and the bad!  It has been difficult to select just 7, as these images are our personal hallmarks to the passage of time!

To strangers they are just snapshots, but to me and mine these are our moments that will  be remembered forever!



It was a stunningly beautiful day on Wednesday for a lovely family based wedding that has produced many beautiful moments and here’s one of them.

Clarke Wedding-8880

Look what my little granddaughter made her Mummy & Daddy at her BusyBees Kindergarten!


Merry Christmas everyone!!


Gone but never forgotten…


Yesterday I visited my Mum & Dad, and together with my sister we refreshed the flowers and spent some time reminiscing on times gone by…

I’ve been quiet lately as I have been away on holiday…in the lovely sunshine of Port Douglas, Australia. What bliss to get away from my hometown winter cold & rain! I spent about 5 hours at the Wildlife Sanctuary and made friends with Jack the Koala.

This image on the left is a negative from my past. The young man with his dog is my brother-in-law, relaxing at the beach with his mum & future wife behind him. I have been trying to figure out how old this image is….I think it’s about 45 years old!! Wow!!

So, I think it deserved some care & restoration work to return it to it’s true potential.

This is all new to me, but I have enjoyed using tools that I have been taught, but have not used in a big way….how fabulous when it all finally  comes together!

Tomorrow I will print the finished image…that will be the big test! Have I done a good enough job of retouching??