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Over the weekend of 20/21 Feb the Auckland Begonia Circle hosted their annual festival, displaying hundreds of beautiful blooms and plants. This enthusiastic group of amateur gardeners proudly displayed their blooms and shared their knowledge with the many visitors that visited and viewed the show. This annual event always ends with an auction, selling off many plants at bargain prices!



Just been having a look through some past events, and found this one. Every year we go to Martinborough for their wine and food festival. This is a great example of Photo Booth imagery…the participants can really play up and it makes such fun photos.

The collaborative exhibition  Connection  will open on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 from 6-9pm  in the Ironbank, 150 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

I am showing along with five other photographic artists: Ruth Ames, Bertie Plaatsman, Sheryl Campbell, Delena Nathuran, Sonya Roussina, and we will show a range of individual works, including large and medium format film, mixed media, video, and fine art print.

This exhibition is also part of the Auckland Photography Festival Circuit night, where 11 other galleries are also open, with vans  available to drive people to each of the galleries.

So come along, join us for a glass of wine and view some amazing new works!

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