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I’ve been looking through my archived photos and found this beauty from when we purchased our property on Waiheke.

This shows the original bach that we fell in love with…no running water, an outhouse with a “bucket and chuck it” for a loo, and rotting weatherboards!

So we began the huge task of renovating, which, as my Mum said, grew like topsy and really became a full rebuild.

We did manage to keep the original floorboards and 3 x internal walls…but the rest had to go.




Once again we were in Tairua, but this time for Valentines…our view was spectacular and the moon added to the romance…

So the school work is all finished for the Midyear break, and we went a way for a short break to Matapouri and stayed in an amazing Coastal Holiday Home…the views and walks were amazing.


A visit to Alan Gibbs Farm on the Kaiapara Harbour, NZ was an amazing day of wonder. The giant sculptures sit in the landscape, adding to the natural beauty of the largest harbour in the Southern Hemisphere and completely confusing my sense of scale.


Horizons, 1994 by Neil Dawson

This was the favorite for me, no matter which angle we viewed it from, it continued to appear as if painted onto the scene, providing a most surreal experience….magic!

Australia’s second biggest bird of prey. Being a sea eagle he is not a true scientific eagle but really a giant kite.

This powerpoint was sent to me in an email….but I wanted to share it with as many as I could. The images are just beautiful, and very emotive as well.
The world is messing with the animals environment and we risk losing them forever.

And this morning the city is back!!

Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher “Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is

via Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher.