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Last year i did a little experimenting with long night exposures. I particularly like the way the words have been highlighted by the nearby street light, giving me pause to think & reflect on how calming this scene actually is.

And this morning the city is back!!

Morning fog from our balcony….where’s the city gone??

This horse has so much heart….

Some people cope with the cold so much better than I do….this is an except from a BBC programme….fascinating & scary!

So now winter feels that it has finally arrived…and doesn’t the thought of an open fire warming your toes, and maybe roasting some marshmallows sound appealing?

This is the view from my window on Waiheke Island, a spot that has become my favourite retreat when I feel I need to escape from the pressures of life.

It was too good an opportunity to miss…a long weekend (thank you to Queen Elizabeth) so it was off to Waiheke to enjoy some winter sunshine. Auckland looked majestic as we sailed away, so couldn’t resist a photo of the Sky Tower…and I wasn’t the only one admiring the view.

It’s amazing how the temperature can drop so much over night! But on the upside are the moody images that can be taken under the gloomy skies.